Our Products
Our primary products are “General Red” navel oranges, primarily grown in Gannan Regison (southern Jiangxi Province). We have received numerous honors and certifications for the quality of our branded navel oranges, including “High Quality Navel Orange” awarded by China (Ganzhou) Navel Orange Festival committee, and “China Famous Fruit” awarded by China Fruit Distribution Association.
Our Orange Orchards
We grow top grade navel oranges in Gannan Region. Currently we own approximately 1,652 acres of orange orchards with approximately 228,606 navel orange trees. We also leased from local farmers approximately 2,588 acres of orange orchards with approximately 741,258 navel orange trees. A portion of our orange orchards have received organic certification. In addition to growing our own oranges, we also buy oranges from local farms to process and sell.
Our Post-harvest Processing
We purchased our post-harvest processing equipments, which include our selection and packaging lines, from MAF RODA Group of Spain (“MAF RODA”). As part of the purchasing contract MAF RODA provides us with technical training on how to operate the equipment and educates our employees about the automatic control technology used in the equipments. We have two modern sorting lines at this facility. Each sorting line has a sorting capacity of 40 tons/hour. These sorting lines clean, disinfect and apply wax coating to the oranges, and then select, classify, and send the naval oranges to pre-storage.
Our Temperature-controlled
In Ganzhou, Jiangxi, we constructed one of the largest navel orange temperature-controlled preservation facility in the southern Jiangxi Province, China. Our facility is built on a land of 39,171 square meters (approximately 9.68 acres), of which 11,131 square meters (approximately 2.75 acres) are the construction area for the main structure. We have approximately 4,346 square meters of administrative offices, dormitories and power supply rooms next to the facility. The maximum storage capacity is 7,000 tons. Currently, most of the navel orange storage facilities in the southern Jiangxi Province are cold storage, with few that are temperature controlled. The temperature-controlled storage and preservation technologies used in our facility come from Beijing Furui Ventilation Protection Company (“Beijing Furui”), which was previously a subsidiary of China Agricultural University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Beijing Furui was the construction contractor in the design and build of our temperature-controlled preservation facility, and also provided the main equipments used in the facility.
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